Top 10 Exhibits of 2018

February 6, 2019

This year, we’ve pulled out all the stops!  Creating new environments for well established brands.

#1 – CertainTeed

This 20×30 custom exhibit was designed to integrate the client’s materials into the display.  The tower features an 8’x8’ glass tile mural applied to the CertainTeed Diamond Back. The booth also incorporated multiple wall displays, ceiling installation demos as well as backlit product in the reception counter. This exhibit truly stood out on the trade show floor!

#2 – ERT

This 20×30 custom rental featured a 6×10’ video wall and custom hanging signs.  You couldn’t miss them on the trade show floor!

#3 – Benjamin Obdyke

This 10×30 custom booth was rebranded for the companies 150thanniversary.  The bar theme featured a complete aesthetic overhaul, Including wine barrel table, custom pub lights and a new floor creating the perfect environment to present the clients custom labeled beer.

#4 – Nutpods

This 10×20 inline exhibit was a lot of fun to design and build.  The distressed backwall featured a large monitor, product case and cooler.  The counter features an inlaid herringbone panels and 3D letters.   Integrating old and new features made this exhibit both elegant and stylish!

#5 – Merit Service Solutions

This 10×20 custom inline exhibit had a clean modern design and back lit graphics that really shine on the trade show floor!

#6 – R-Kane

A 10×10 extrusion structure was simple and still created a great environment for the brand.

#7 – Great Lakes Cheese

This island display features a large, custom made pergola!  The large refrigerated product displays help to show off the client product.  Fantastic product sampling drew a crowd from the large custom counter!

#8 – Ziplogix

This 20×40 island rental exhibit features tiered hanging signs, a large video wall, demo kiosk stations and even custom printed galaxy flooring!

#9 – Westinghouse

This 30×70 exhibit was designed for flexibility. Its modular components can be rearranged to accommodate various product lines. The backlit tower graphics catch your eye, but the products are always the star. The custom inlay vinyl flooring represented the historic brand well and welcomed visitors in to the booth.

#10 – American Harlequin

20×30 exhibit featuring 12ft high lightboxes and custom kiosks to show off the clients flooring samples.  It also uses their own product for flooring.  Shinning bright on the trade show floor!