Video Wall Applications for Better Engagement and Better Results.

July 18, 2019

In a trade show environment where competition is high and the opportunity to build relationships is on everyone’s mind, capturing the attention of show attendees is essential. This pushes exhibitors to continue to look for fresh, innovative ways to attract and engage new visitors. 

Video wall applications are pushing the envelope when it comes to communicating on the show floor. The use of state-of-the-art LED technology is becoming more and more popular, and now thanks to advances in technology, more affordable. Whether you decide to rent or buy, the cost is often easily offset by the exposure you gain.

While video walls aren’t a necessity, they do have a number of distinct advantages that allow you to create unique visual experiences that demand attention.

Advantages of Video Walls

Increased Engagement
With the ability to display dynamic, real-time messaging that is larger than life, you can build engagement through videos, live social media feeds, games, polls and more. This is a feature static graphics just can’t compete with.

Video walls provide limitless options for size and shape, and can be customized based on the demands of the environment you are in. Whether you want one large video wall or several small tiles, you are only limited by the space you have.

Video walls allow you to showcase your brand and messaging with vibrant, high-contrast colors and clear pictures. The high image quality grabs attention even in a large crowd and the crisp images make content legible up close and at a distance.

Seamless Experience
LED video panels have no bezels, so they can be linked together in many different configurations to create the illusion of one seamless display – providing you with limitless options as to how you make the tiles fit your space.

Choosing the Right Video Wall

What size space do you have?
When considering a video wall, it’s important that you understand the space that you will be in. This will help you determine the appropriate size and power requirements needed. Also, consider the other elements you will have in your space that may enhance or interfere with the video wall. For example, if you are working with a small space, a video wall may be too overpowering and take away from other messaging. 

What will you display?
No matter what you decide to display, the content will need to be optimized for the size and type of video wall you are using. To take full advantage of the crisp, bright picture video walls offer, make sure you are working with high-resolution imagery and appropriately sized text. And remember, create your content with the final size in mind. Your content may look awesome on your laptop or desktop, but if it isn’t sized correctly it won’t translate well to a large video wall.

It is now easier than ever to take advantage of an eye-catching LED video wall display at trade shows. With lighter weight panels and lower costs, adding engagement to your both is will within reach and a worthwhile upgrade. 
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