The Top 4 Ways to Use Technology at Your Next Trade Show

September 27, 2016

Trade shows are nothing new. Ever since people started selling goods and services, they congregated in markets and fairs to show people their stuff.

Technology is also nothing new. It’s helped make people’s lives better and their work more efficient since the dawn of time.

Today, it seems natural that trade shows and technology would go together like peanut butter and jelly. But in the competitive world of exhibiting, integrating technology and interactive media in your trade show executing is no longer just an option. It’s a necessity.

More than flash and façade, interactive design is an integral part of an effective trade show strategy. It helps drive booth traffic, capture and organize leads, close sales, and so much more.

There are many ways to use technology in your booth. Where to start? Check out these 4 ways that will take your exhibit’s interactive media design to the next level.

Social media

Social media isn’t just a hub for funny animal videos and family photos. It’s also a powerful engine that can drive the success of your trade show exhibit.

Here are just a few ideas of how you can integrate interactive social media into your exhibit:

  • Before the show, create a Facebook event and invite your followers to attend. Use this “event” to post details, updates, and incentives for the show.
  • Embrace the hashtag. Specifically, create and promote a brand-specific hashtag for you and your fans to use at the show. Continuously monitor it and engage with people that are using your hashtag.
  • Install interactive media displays in your booth to show live feeds of your social channels or other relevant online topics. It’s a great way to infuse your booth with energy, giving it a sense of immediacy and freshness.


Lead capture technology

For many, a successful trade show means you and your team have accumulated a stack of business cards by the end of the day. After all, each one of these is a potential lead.

But how do you keep track of all of these cards, and, even harder, how do you keep them organized? There are two ways technology may be able to help:

Mobile apps: There are several mobile apps available that allow you to simply snap a picture of each business card, instead of holding on to the hard copy. The most popular options are CamCard and Abbyy. Both of these can scan each business card and automatically store relevant info from your new contacts.

Digital lead capture: What if you ditched the business cards altogether? To skip the trouble of collecting one from each of your booth’s attendees, set up stations for digital lead capture. These can be integrated on tablets, laptops, or other digital displays, and can also be linked directly to your company’s CRM.


Video monitors and digital displays

Really want that “wow” factor? Stop show attendees in their tracks with prominent video monitors and digital displays. These living and breathing elements provide a dynamic way to educate and entertain your visitors, as well as communicate your brand’s visual identity.

There are four main types of displays to choose from:

  • Flatscreen Displays – The most popular, these screens come in a variety of sizes and can be mounted or placed on a tabletop.
  • Kiosks – These are a seamless way to add interactive media into your design. They can be both conventional or touchscreen.
  • Projectors – The most cost-effective way to make a statement, projectors afford you the opportunity to cover large spaces efficiently.
  • Custom – The possibilities are almost endless. These can be customized into many shapes and sizes, all while capturing the heart of your brand.


Phone charging stations

You can bet that nearly everyone at a trade show has a smartphone in his or her pocket. You can also bet that many of these same people will need to charge their phone over the course of the day. Attract these people to your booth and keep them there by installing a phone charging station. This gesture of goodwill is a simple yet effective way to position yourself as a forward-thinking company. Not to mention, you’re going to make a lot of people happy, too!

Want help bolstering your trade show strategy with interactive media? We know a thing or two about it. Contact us today and let’s get things started.