Top 10 Ways to Cut Costs on Your Next Exhibit

June 6, 2017

Trade show marketing can be a pricy endeavor for any business. Luckily, Embarq Creative has your back. Check out our top 10 tips and tricks for making sure your business is spending where it matters most!

#10: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

When it comes to graphics for your trade show exhibit – think about using images or words that can be reused and are not show specific. This will help cut costs when exhibiting for multiple markets.


#9: Print vs. Digital

Printed graphics vs. digital graphics – you can constantly change content when your images and messages are digital. While this is a cost up front, going digital can help keep costs down when targeting different markets.’


#8: Avoid Weekend Installations

Often shows start early in the week putting you out extra money to pay overtime costs for installation of your exhibit. It never hurts to ask the show or venue if you can set up the Thursday or Friday prior to the show.  This will help alleviate overtime charges.



#7: If You’re Going to Rig… Go BIG!

Overhead hanging structures or banners are used for identification and branding. Since you will already have a rigging team on site for your hanging sign, think about adding additional banners or hanging structures to make your exhibit more eye-catching!


#6: Travel Costs

Look outside the city for hotel accommodations. Often, hotel prices are higher when there is something going on nearby.



#5: Avoid Overpriced Catering Costs

Catering can be a rather large expense on the trade show floor, especially when you must use the show’s official caterer. Think about buying pre-packaged/sealed goodies for your attendees to bypass this cost.  Check out our promotional products website for ideas



#4: Booth Cleaning

Pack a small handheld vacuum or carpet sweeper to eliminate daily carpet cleaning services. This can easily be packed in with your exhibit and shipped directly to the show floor.


#3: Material Handling Charges Can Be Expensive

Most shows require a 200 lb. minimum on each box/container being shipped to the show.  If you have multiple boxes to ship in, consider putting them on a pallet or shipping them with your exhibit to avoid the minimums.



#2: Pack Your Own Supplies

There may be necessities you need on the show floor, for example, scissors, tape, staplers, etc… Think about packing these supplies with you exhibit material to avoid the marked-up costs when having to purchase them at the show.


#1: The Price of Products

Understand what products you need and what you may be able to use interactively. Keeping this is mind will help you keep shipping and drayage charges down when you are not sending in bulky and heavy equipment or product.