Taking it to the Next Level with Seamless Product Integration

July 18, 2019

We love when our clients present us with a challenge and let us exercise our creativity to provide them with new, innovative solutions.

We recently partnered with CertainTeed to create an adaptable 20’ x 30’ island exhibit that showcases the brand’s commitment to creative construction materials. For GMS 2018, the company wanted a booth that took drywall and insulation product displays to the next level.

Our team brainstormed a museum-like concept with a unique twist: CertainTeed’s construction products seamlessly integrated into the exhibit to marry structure and style. By pairing these construction materials with lightweight aluminum extrusion and backlit SEG graphics, we created a modern showcase of the products in use – providing visitors with a unique hands-on experience. 

With multiple divisions and a growing list of products to display, CertainTeed’s booth will never look the same for any two shows – ensuring a new exhibit for visitors to engage with from show to show.

Key Features

Although the CertainTeed booth continues to evolve with each event, the initial booth was designed to include a few key features that are always worth including.

16’ Tower
A massive tower showcasing CertainTeed’s Diamondback® material, two 3D logos, and multiple monitors anchors the booth and makes a statement on the show floor.

Mosaic Tile Mural
An eye-catching custom 7.5’ x 8’ vitreous glass mosaic tile mural using a CertainTeed tile backer draws visitors from the back of the booth. The mosaic itself was inspired by one of CertainTeed’s photographs and assembled by a local trade school as part of the company’s ongoing initiative to support the trades.

Custom Counter
A custom reception counter was designed to include CertainTeed’s proprietary sound-proofing materials as a prominent design element. Custom channel letters create the CertainTeed logo and welcome visitors into the exhibit.

The photos themselves don’t do the exhibit justice. The hands-on experience is second to none and truly highlights the capabilities of each product.

When our clients are happy, we are happy.
We love the result of the CertainTeed booth, but hear what they have to say.