Take your exhibit to new heights with hanging structures

January 16, 2020

The main goal of every exhibitor is the same: Attract attendees to your booth space. The more visitors, the better the opportunity to create leads and strengthen relationships. So, what role does a hanging structure play?

Creating Brand Awareness

Standing out amongst other exhibitors can be a challenge. Due to their position above the booth, hanging signs are visible from almost anywhere on the show floor – allowing multiple opportunities to reinforce your brand and message to attendees even before stepping foot in your booth. 


If you’ve ever struggled to find an exhibitor on the show floor, and we all have, odds are they didn’t 
have a hanging sign above their booth. Hanging signs are nearly impossible to miss which means they provide a distinct advantage when trying to help attendees navigate a busy show floor.

Building a Better Experience

Hanging structures expand your booth upward which immediately increases the real estate you have on a show floor. Not only does it build a greater presence, but through the use of unique shapes and elements, lighting and messaging you have the ability to really amp up the wow factor. Off-the-shelf options are available, but if you are looking for a creative way to draw visitors to your exhibit, a unique, custom-designed hanging structure will always impress.

Backlit Square Hanging Sign
20’ x 30’ Custom Hanging Sign

Contact us to learn more about off-the-shelf and custom hanging structures and how you can incorporate them into your space.