Your Promotional Trade Show Marketing Checklist

August 16, 2016

Your Promotional Trade Show Marketing Checklist

A successful trade show exhibition requires a synergy between effective exhibit design, and a strong promotional campaign to spur conversation.

Because many attendees plan which booths they’ll be visiting before the show even begins, exhibitors perform best when they’ve marketed their appearance well beforehand. However, there’s a lot to consider when pulling together your expo marketing campaign. To help, we’ve put together the following checklist to make sure your trade show marketing is buttoned up, and ready to rock.

Marketing your brand before the trade show

  • Add your upcoming trade show appearance to the events section of your company’s website.
  • Promote your upcoming trade show appearance on social media, such as creating a Facebook event and inviting your followers.
  • Privately message your business contacts on LinkedIn and invite them to your exhibit.
  • Draft a press release, announcing your presence at the upcoming trade show.
  • Include the details of the upcoming trade show in the signature of your email.


Marketing your brand at the trade show

  • Train your staff to be experts in your brand, product, and/or service, so they can speak comfortably to your booth’s visitors.
  • Outfit your staff in branded apparel and/or name tags (this will both promote your brand’s image as well as make it easy for visitors to locate your brand’s representatives).
  • At your exhibit, give away unique promotional items that relate to your brand.
  • Create an event-specific hashtag to encourage online discussion. You should have at least one team member designated to manage your social media accounts during the event.

After you’ve successfully marketed your brand at the event, a personalized, post-event note to any newly acquired contacts goes a long way, too!

Still feel a little overwhelming? Organizing and executing a successful trade show exhibit is a big task, but we’d love to help. Get in touch with the Embarq Creative team today.