The Design Challenge

Sanchez wanted to create buzz at a large industry show, with innovation at the crux of the booth design. Not only that, they also wanted to stand out among big-name competitors like Microsoft and Visa, all while staying within a set budget. It sounded like a challenge, so we jumped right on it.



Creating a Tech Giant

Embarq Creative designed a show-stopping trade show rental display. We suspended signs and integrated sweeping fabric architecture, all printed with the company’s logo, that flew 24 feet above the floor to graphically establish a strong presence at the show.

We used dynamic light with colored gels to introduce movement and an extra level of drama to the booth. The grand display we designed ensured that Sanchez Computer Associates wouldn’t go unnoticed – and the added coffee bar didn’t hurt, either.

The Result

Using a rental exhibit design does not mean using a half-baked solution. We created a custom design based on preexisting rental display architecture to cement Sanchez Computer Associates as a serious contender at the trade show.