The Design Challenge

Preferred Sands is a proppant provider for the oil and gas industry. They came to Embarq Creative with a growing trade show schedule and a desire for an exhibit that appealed broadly. As for the design, brand personality and display functionality were key. Ready, set, go.


When Chasing Waterfalls Goes Right

Embarq Creative designed and built a custom modular 20×30 exhibit for Preferred Sands. To uniquely showcase the company, we crafted custom aluminum trusses to replicate the steel beams in the Preferred Sands office buildings. Then, to top it all off, we designed a custom water feature to display their product with a side-by-side comparison of their competitors (Unfortunately, no swimming was allowed).

The Result

It was all in the details. Our custom exhibit for Preferred Sands successfully conveyed the message of industry leadership. Meanwhile, visitors couldn’t turn their focus away from Preferred Sands’ beautiful product showcases.

preferred sands custom trade show exhibit