Your Trade Show Strategy

A successful trade show exhibit is nothing without a proper foundation. Before we hit the drawing table, we think it’s important to learn more about your brand and your business goals. Our magic is in translating your two-dimensional brand into a consistent, three-dimensional experience for your audience. We don’t want your visitors to fall in love with just your booth; we want your visitors to fall in love with your brand, too.

That’s why we take so much stock in planning and strategy. Here’s a deeper dive into what our process looks like:

What are your business goals?

Your individual brand, your individual challenges. Experiential marketing offers an opportunity to connect with your audience in many ways. Still, each event or trade show is unique. We work with you to determine your brand’s unique goals, which can include:

  • Lead generation
  • Audience size
  • Brand awareness
  • In-booth sales


What are your logistical considerations?

When building your strategy, there are always logistical considerations to plan for. That’s a no-brainer. The challenge is to execute a successful event while maintaining your brand’s identity and story each time. And that’s exactly where we shine. Here are some of the things we consider when making sure your trade shows and events run without a hitch:

  • Your budget
  • Your timeline
  • What products and messaging you want to feature

What is your definition of success?

You know when you’ve had a successful trade show or event. But, we think it’s important to define your “success” so we can reach it, and surpass it. Here are some things we can measure:

  • The number of attendees at your exhibit
  • The amount of sales generated from the trade show
  • The revenue growth in the months following the show
  • Press coverage of your company at the event