Interactive design for your trade show exhibit

It’s all about the experience! Integrating interactive media design into your trade show exhibit can instantly make it fun and memorable. These digital elements include games, surveys, animations, digital media hubs, and more – all tailored to fit your specific trade show exhibit goals.

How We Bring Your Interactive Exhibit to Life

Interactive media is a way to engage your audience and, ultimately, achieve the best possible return on your investment. Our interactive design philosophy is simple: Incorporate the right technology in the right way to engage the right people. Here’s what interactive media can do to enhance your trade show exhibit experience:

  • Wow your crowd
  • Help your team break the ice
  • Make complicated content fun and understandable
  • Improve lead and data collection
  • Make competitions and surveys a breeze
  • Improve event evaluation
  • Increase ROI


Check out some of the work we have done for our clients:

  • Interactive video
  • Touchscreen
  • iPad game


With interactive media in your exhibit, your display becomes alive and appealing to trade show attendees, drawing them into your exhibit space.  Simplify your message and reduce printed media costs by showing live video feed to highlight your brand or product. Engaging potential clients within your exhibit will leave a lasting impression when considering your business for future needs.


Together, with our in house graphic design team, we create user-friendly and innovative experiences.

Contact Embarq Creative at 1-800-530-4470 or to learn more about incorporating interactive media into your trade show exhibit space.