Trade Show Exhibits and Graphic Design

The role of graphic design in your trade show exhibit is not to be underestimated. As your key messaging and branding tool, trade show graphics represent the visual heartbeat of your brand. Graphic designs impact:

  • Brand perception
  • Consumer/visitor trust
  • Keeps your brand first to mind
  • Sets you apart from your completion
  • Helps you increase market share


We can help create the designs that keep your brand memorable, top of mind, trusted, and sets you apart from your completion. Our creative team has worked on hundreds of designs and developed concepts that have been used for years on end.

Need to get the word out?
We've got you! With our in-house design team we create and send out flyers advertising your next event just like we did for our client, SevOne.
Let's bring your ideas to life!
Our graphics team will work
with you hand-in-hand to
come up with a creative and
fun solution to your design
needs that you're sure to love.
Stand out from the crowd!
Let us help you create stunning display designs that will wow viewers at your next event.
Our team of graphic design experts will help you from start to finish on a design that displays your company's key information in a manner both eye-catching and informative.
There's no limits to the nature of designs we can produce. Work directly with our design experts to come up with a solution that works best for you and your brand.
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Our Graphic Design Approach Is Unique and Powerful:


Successful trade show exhibits and events are the ones that transform your two-dimensional brand into a three-dimensional experience. Key goals for success in graphic design for trade shows include:

  • Creating eye-catching designs that reflect your brand and draw attention to your exhibit
  • Embedding consistent brand tone, messaging, and identity
  • Researching your company and industry to tell the right visual story
  • Designing assets that inform and inspire your target audience


In addition to designing large format graphics for your trade show exhibit, we can elevate the experience even more by providing design for accompanying literature, pre and post show mailers, and so much more.

Contact us today at 1-800-530-4470 or to speak with one of our team members about your graphic design needs.