Never Have a Poorly Attended Trade Show Booth Again

October 18, 2016

The best things in life take time. Building a killer trade show exhibit that is overflowing with prospective customers is one of them.

Are you spending your time appropriately to make that happen?

We’re going to let you in on a little insider’s secret. The biggest reason successful exhibitors attract so many people can be summed up in one word ­– promotion.

Specifically, using a three-pronged approach to generating buzz for your exhibit is a trade show planning masterstroke. Your promotional trade show marketing should reach your prospects before, during, and after the event. It’s the only way to maximize your awareness.

How do you accomplish this? Take a look below, where we’ve outlined a checklist to make sure your exhibit promotion is airtight.

Before the show

A whopping 70% of trade show attendees plan which booths they’re attending before walking foot in the door. Take that statistic to heart, and translate it into the effort you put into your pre-show marketing. Here are some surefire ways to get show attendees to add your booth to their hit lists:

• Post on social media (then post some more).

You have an established audience on your social channels, so why not use it to your advantage? Let your followers know when and where your beautiful custom trade show booth will be. You can even add a level of personalization by messaging individuals directly.

• Draft a press release and publish away.

There’s nothing like some good PR to make your upcoming trade show presence loud and clear. Publish a press release on traditional channels, and also consider publishing to your company’s blog. The latter will both promote your appearance as well as help drive traffic to your own website.

• Embrace the email.

Sending an email with details of your appearance can do no harm. But to take it a step further, you can also embed the trade show’s details in the signature of your email, so your message reaches wider and with greater frequency.

Pro Tip: Offer an exclusive promotion in your pre-show outreach to really draw a crowd the day of the show!

During the show

There’s undoubtedly a lot to think about the day of a trade show. If you’re competing for attention against the other booths at the show, day-of promotion is a necessity. Check off these boxes to keep the buzz going during the show:

• Let your staff be your megaphones.

Your staff will be the voice of your brand the day of the show. Train them so they can speak comfortably about your product or service to your booth’s attendees.

• Promotional

Promotional items are an essential element to the perfect custom trade show exhibit. Skip the branded pens. Provide your attendees with takeaways that really offer them some value, and ensure that your brand is remembered long after the event.

• #Winning.

Use your brand’s hashtag or create one for a specific campaign to encourage online discussion and generate awareness. With at least one team member dedicated to monitoring the discussion throughout the event, interact with show attendees and monitor the discussion around your brand. This is a great way to gain some valuable insight into your brand’s perception, as well as extend the life of your booth.

Pro Tip: Integrate a feed for your hashtag in your trade show booth so attendees can watch the discussion unfold live at your exhibit.

After the show

Who says the fun ends when the trade show doors officially close? If everything went as planned, you will walk away from the event, your pockets thick with business cards and your database brimming with new leads.

• Nurture your new contacts

These new contacts are the fuel for your trade show booth’s return on investment. Institute a nurturing program that is tailored for these newly acquired leads, without jumping to the conclusion that these are all warm leads and they will want sales-centered messages right off the bat.

Pro Tip: A follow-up thank you email goes a long way. And after the first send, the amount of unsubscribes you receive will give you a better idea of the real interest in your product or service.

Aligning all of these promotional marketing efforts might require some help. From exhibition booth design to outreach strategies, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today.