How to Nail Your Trade Show Exhibit’s Graphic Design

July 12, 2016

At trade show exhibitions, eye-catching design is key. Amidst the potential hundreds of other booths, everyone’s goal is to be noticed. But how do you earn that recognition?

Cue graphic design. To draw a crowd at your next trade show, high quality graphics are a must in your exhibition booth design. Here’s how you can make it happen.

Show, don’t tell

Good graphic design implementation communicates what your brand is all about. While text is important, it is best to let your visuals do most of the talking. The graphics should speak for themselves, and help get your message cross. Attendees aren’t likely to stand at your exhibit reading for a long period of time. Therefore, finding the balance between informative text and visual graphic design solutions is essential to your booth’s success.

Pro tip: Graphics of your product or service in action tend to capture people’s attention, and are a good way to initiate interaction between visitors and your team.

Don’t forget the logo

The most important graphic that your exhibit will have is your company’s logo. The logo design should both reflect your brand as well as feel fresh and update. If it’s not, a redesign before your next show might be a smart decision. Once you’ve got a logo that you really love, you’ll want to make sure that it’s featured prominently throughout your exhibit. Don’t let anybody leave the trade show without knowing exactly who you are and what you do!

Pro tip: Show attendees respond well to companies that take pride in themselves, and exude confidence. Your logo should follow suit.

Great graphic design is in the details

Quality, quality, quality. First and foremost, it’s imperative that your graphics have a good resolution. Also, never underestimate the power of proper lighting design. Depending on what your exhibit looks like, you might want to use spotlights to highlight certain areas. Backlighting is also a cool option. The lighting has a relationship with the graphic design that many people don’t think about, but the collaboration of the two can affect the mood and message of your booth.

Got interactive media? Great! Don’t forget that your digital designs should match the look and feel of your exhibit. Interactive media is one of the hottest trends in the trade show industry right now, so it’s imperative that you’re not just using it, but that you’re using it well.

Pro tip: Interactive displays are a fantastic way to increase your ROI. Attendees love them!

Consider leaving it to the experts

The graphical elements of your design are so important, sometimes it’s better to put your trust in the professionals. Embarq Creative has years of experience providing graphic design services for almost every industry under the sun. Check out how we’ve designed killer exhibits for our clients in the past: See our case studies.