Join Us for an Open House
It’s All About Branding!

April 3, 2017

What’s in a name? Letters strung together forming syllables that press their way through our lips and land upon the ears of all with in listening distance. More important than the letters and syllables forming a name is the identity attached that shapes others opinion of the name holder. Similarly, a brand is a name and in its unaltered state it is merely no more than a logo attach to a product/service, for a brand to having a deeper meaning it needs a personality to help bolster its status and separate itself from competitors.

So What’s a Brand?

Brands have been around for centuries, they are a vital part of marketing and organizational identity. From politicians, companies and academic institutions to actors and sports franchises the ability to have a unique identifier is crucial in getting the public to connect with you. They are away of standing out, of telling the world that a product or service stamped with this name is connected to a certain ethos, quality and standard.

Building your Brand

The foundation for creating a brand starts with consistent messaging and the pursuit of unwavering authenticity. In order to create a successful brand – and in turn a loyal customer base – a brand needs to build itself from the inside out. This building process starts with clear and concise brand positioning, personality and promise.

What now?

You’ve got the basics on branding but where do you take it next? Getting your brand to shine on a large-scale exhibit can be tricky. Thankfully, we’ve got an expert for that!

Join us Thursday, April 20th from 3pm-6pm for guest speaker, Todd Palmer, Creative Director of design agency Virtual Farm Creative. Todd will be at Embarq Creative headquarters for a seminar on how to liven up your company’s brand for your next trade show event.

The beer and snacks are on us!