How to Maximize Your Trade Show Impact

August 23, 2016

Trade show exhibits have long been a great way for small businesses to market their brand. In fact, few other marketing opportunities can match the level of face-to-face audience interaction trade shows offer. When you’re one of potentially hundreds of booths at a show, however, your mere presence may not be enough to command your audience’s attention.

There are several ways to maximize your trade show impact, but here are a few to get you started:

Advertise your appearance before the show.


Preparation is paramount. An effective trade show strategy starts long before the exhibition doors even open.

Let your clients and contacts know that you’ll be at the show and where to find you. Establishing this audience helps both guarantee foot traffic at your exhibit, as well as incite word-of-mouth promotion. It’s also a great idea to advertise your appearance on social media channels prior to, and especially during the event. Taking advantage of these free opportunities will extend the life of your exhibit both before and after the event takes place.


Showcase an exhibit design that stands out among the rest.


Studies show that you only have seven seconds to make a good first impression. Within that short timeframe, your booth needs to both stand out and communicate necessary information about your company. How do you do it?

First, commit to having your exhibit looking the best it can possibly be. To draw attention to your booth, think about incorporating interactive media , like a game or a digital catalog. Giveaways are another popular way to get noticed, but think beyond the standard branded pens and water bottles. Perhaps most importantly, graphic design solutions to reflect the core of your brand cannot be ignored. Your brand is unique, and if your exhibit design truly matches your brand’s personality, it, too, will be unique.


But don’t go overboard.


Same with trade shows as in life: Restraint is a virtue.

Making an impressive visual impact isn’t contingent on flashiness or information overload. Your exhibit needs to communicate what you want prospective clients and customers to know, while also not exhausting them. If there’s too much to look at, there’s a good chance they’ll walk away. If your business offers products, don’t treat your display as a store featuring your entire catalogue of items, because it can be overwhelming. Focus more on promoting your most popular items, or something new you want to get off the ground.

A comprehensive trade show strategy is a must if trade shows are part of your business’s marketing plans. Our team at Embarq Creative has been around the block a few times, and we’d love to help you with your trade show challenge. Contact us today.