From Start to Endpoint

January 16, 2020

Taking a client’s vision and completely transforming it into something beyond what they expected or could have imagined is what we do.

We partnered with Endpoint, an IRT solutions company, to create a 20’ x 20’ island exhibit that maximized its branding from all angles. Endpoint approached us with quite the wish list: highlight current and new products, engagement through interactive games, meeting areas, and the ability to gather insights on-site. It was clear to us that this booth was meant to be an experience and that is what we delivered.

The space itself was designed with an open, inviting floor plan that allowed visitors to move about freely and engage with the different features. Several counters throughout the space provided ample storage along with reception and conversation areas. Towers flanked two corners of the booth and displayed brand messaging and capabilities, as well as interactive games on a touchscreen that was positioned and framed to resemble a smart device.

The exhibit included a stunning hanging structure customized with a boldly colored disc that complemented the Endpoint brand and lighted, chandelier-like clouds suspended above the booth space.

Bright colors and imagery that tied directly into the overall brand strategy for Endpoint rounded out the overall experience of this exhibit space which demanded attention on the show floor.

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