Event Recap: Are Trade Shows Worth the Investment?

August 1, 2016

Recently, Trellist Marketing joined us at our Collegeville office for “An Event on Events.” The topic of the seminar? A question we hear more often than any other: Are trade shows worth the investment?

After a brief introduction by our own Ed Oxenham, trade show and event expert Regina Beval from Trellist took the podium to answer that question. She spoke in front of about 50 clients, industry experts, as well as a number of brand new faces.

So, are trade shows really worth the investment?

Regina’s short answer: Yes. If, and only if, you get your trade show strategy right. As for her longer answer, read below to learn more.

There are a number of reasons to be optimistic

Now more than ever before, the health and efficacy of the trade show industry is unquestionably positive. Here are just a few reasons why Regina thinks so:

  • 73% of marketers still believe exhibiting at trade shows and events is valuable.
  • Technology is making it easier than ever to calculate trade show ROI and defend the investment to key purse holders.
  • 51% of trade show attendees plan to buy within 12 months of visiting the show.

With plenty of data and reasoning to reaffirm the validity of trade shows in today’s world, there’s just one more piece of the equation missing…

How to enhance your trade show exhibiting experience

Standing out at a trade show is crucial. It could make or break whether you have a positive ROI after the event. Regina offered a few tidbits of advice to set up your exhibit for success:

  • Improve your execution – This includes properly preparing for a show and targeting your audience with more precision.
  • Staff your booth better – As Regina put it, “Engineers like to talk to engineers.” Make sure your booth staff knows what they’re talking about!
  • Improve the look of your exhibit – The graphic design of your booth carries a lot of weight. It has to be top-notch.

The bottom line: At a trade show, she said, “you’ve got to bring it.”

With the growing complexity of technology and trade show strategies, it might be time to partner with a creative agency that can help you from concept to conversion.

We might be able to help. See how we’ve partnered with our clients in the past to help them make their trade show experience not just acceptable, but exceptional.