Creating Environments of Impact: An Exclusive Preview

October 18, 2016

An impactful trade show display sets the tone for your success. It can bolster your brand message, draw a crowd to your exhibit, and leave a lasting impression on your booth attendees. In short, it’s important.Embarq-Nimlok-Event-Image-1

On Thursday, November 3rd, we’re welcoming Design Director of Nimlok Company, Dave Fugiel, to speak about how you can design a booth that turns heads. Right in Embarq Creative’s office, he’ll talk about what’s new, what’s cool, and what’s hot in the industry. Then, he’ll demonstrate how these trends could translate into a real custom trade show display. And the best news? You’re invited!

Before he takes the stage, here is a sneak preview of some of the topics Dave may cover in the presentation:


Trade show and event trendsemb_eventimagefour

Custom trade show displays aren’t built like they used to be. Advancements in technology have changed the way exhibits are designed, making them more accessible for trade show marketers and more engaging for trade show attendees. Themed environments, especially ones that look less like a traditional exhibit, are particularly hot right now. Come see some real world examples at the presentation.




Simply put, lighting could be the wow factor that can make your exhibit shine (both literally and figuratively). There are a number of different lighting options to choose from, including dramatic light boxes and LED counter lights. Dave will shed some “light” on the topic at the presentation.

To rig, or not to rig?

When considering rigging in your trade show display, we like to follow this simple credo: “If you are going to rig…go big.” However, rigging is not always the best way to create the biggest impact at your trade show. This presentation could help you answer the question, “When is rigging appropriate?”


emb_eventimagetwoInteractive activities, presentation areas, social media…oh my!

One of the biggest challenges facing trade show marketers today is keeping trade show attendees engaged. Indeed, it isn’ t easy. But techniques like incorporating games, touch screens, and dramatic structures that emphasize your presentations are killer ways to both attract people to your booth, and keep them there.


Stretch your investment 

Trade show and event ROI is one of marketers’ biggest considerations when exhibiting. From using custom modular exhibits to employing a pre-show marketing strategy, there are several ways to ensure your trade show investment is a sound one. Dave will demonstrate several ways to help elevate your next trade show display’s ROI.

Ready to join in? Reserve your spot for Exhibit Design Trends – Creating Environments of Impact today to learn how industry leaders are standing out at trade shows and events, and how you can follow suit. We hope to see you there!

Thursday, November 3, 2016 @ Embarq Creative
16 Iron Bridge Drive, Collegeville, PA, 19426