The Top 3 Benefits of Custom Exhibit Rentals

July 5, 2016

Making your foray into trade show exhibitions may feel daunting. When you consider the commitment of buying a custom trade show exhibit, it might even feel impossible. Fortunately, custom exhibit rentals are here to allay your fears.

Whether this is your first or one-hundredth time exhibiting, custom exhibit rentals offer a level of flexibility and customization that’s hard to beat. Still, it’s important to understand why this type of exhibit might fit your goals. Here are the top 3 benefits of custom exhibit rentals:

1. Custom exhibit rentals are fully customizable.

If you think “rental” is synonymous with “cookie-cutter,” think again. Custom exhibit rentals are exactly that: Custom.

Although you’ll only be renting the exhibit, designers and exhibition strategists will work with you to plan, design, and execute an effective display. Each exhibit is affixed with an array of customizable materials that match both your business’s goals and your brand’s personality. Beginning at 10’x10’ and larger, the size of your display is even customizable, too.

2. Trade show display rentals are cost-effective.

Return on investment is always a concern when evaluating marketing spend, which is why custom exhibit rentals are such a popular choice. Because trade show display rentals are noncommittal, they are also extremely cost-effective. The added flexibility of a rental means you can experience the full benefit of face-to-face marketing at trade shows, all without having to “put a ring on it” – that can come later!

3. Custom exhibit rentals are first-timer friendly.

Designing a beautiful exhibition booth design is one thing, but managing full event logistics can be an added challenge. If this is your first time exhibiting, the combination of a rental’s flexibility with available event support will ensure that your display knocks it out of the park.

As with purchased exhibits, full event management and support is available with custom exhibit rentals. These services include everything from construction to dismantling, and everything in between. This way, you can focus on delighting your audience and leave the rest to experienced professionals.

Get in touch with Embarq Creative today. We can’t wait to help you tackle your next trade show design challenge.