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The 5 Trends that will Rule Trade Shows in 2017

December 27, 2016

Beware: The following sentence might terrify you. It’s almost 2017. That’s right. 2016 is nearly gone. With it, a wave of trade show trends flooded in – some good, some bad, and some downright cringe-worthy. But as much has emerged over the last year, 2017 promises to be even bigger and better.Read...

The 5 Biggest Trade Show Marketing Trends Right Now

November 8, 2016

The trade show industry is on fire right now. If you don’t believe it, ask the 99% of marketers who said they find unique value in trade shows that other marketing mediums can’t match. A big part of what’s fueling this fire is the explosion of trends that are helping make expo marketing more accessible, engaging, and cutting-edge. Read...

5 Rules for a Trade Show Booth that Reflects Your Brand

October 4, 2016

Building a brand is labor of love. It’s a careful balance between the art of creative with the science of marketing. Yet, this labor of love is also challenging. With so many elements involved, it’s easy for your brand to become muddled and inconsistent across different marketing channels.Read...

The Top 4 Ways to Use Technology at Your Next Trade Show

September 27, 2016

Trade shows are nothing new. Ever since people started selling goods and services, they congregated in markets and fairs to show people their stuff. Technology is also nothing new. It’s helped make people’s lives better and their work more efficient since the dawn of time.Read...

Trade Show Exhibit 101: How to Create the Booth of Your Dreams

August 30, 2016

In your mind, what does the perfect trade show exhibit look like? Does it have sweeping banners baring your company’s branding? Does it boast a coffee bar or water feature that leaves attendees feeling at home? Or does it include all of these features, plus a few more that stop trade show attendees in their tracks? Whatever’s included in the exhibition booth design of your dreams, building it starts with a proper foundation. On average, 4...

How to Maximize Your Trade Show Impact

August 23, 2016

Trade show exhibits have long been a great way for small businesses to market their brand. In fact, few other marketing opportunities can match the level of face-to-face audience interaction trade shows offer. When you’re one of potentially hundreds of booths at a show, however, your mere presence may not be enough to command your audience’s attention. There are several ways to maximize your trade show impact, but here are a few to get...

Your Promotional Trade Show Marketing Checklist

August 16, 2016

Your Promotional Trade Show Marketing Checklist A successful trade show exhibition requires a synergy between effective exhibit design, and a strong promotional campaign to spur conversation. Because many attendees plan which booths they’ll be visiting before the show even begins, exhibitors perform best when they’ve marketed their appearance well beforehand. However, there’s a lot to consider when pulling together Read...

Trade Show Leads 101: Qualifying

June 28, 2016

Not all leads captured on the trade show floor are equal, and because of this the ability to quickly qualify leads is crucial. The task of qualifying trade show leads is an art form of sorts. It is a skill that is often overlooked by event managers and booth staffers alike, but with practice even the most novice on-the-floor sales representative will be able to sort the buyers from the flyers. Read on to learn... Read...

24 Social Media Tips for Trade Show Exhibitors

June 7, 2016

In the face-to-face industry social media is becoming one of the most popular ways to engage attendees at trade shows, events and conferences. Done well social media can be very successful, but done wrong it can be a flop. For that reason, we’ve created a SlideShare of 24 simple tips and best practices to get exhibitors on the right track. Flip through the SlideShare for quick tips, then read below for details... Read...

Trade Show Technology: Ending Death By Powerpoint

May 31, 2016

Part 1: Death by… When I was in 7th grade, my science teacher, Mr. Kalinga,* would write the day’s lesson on the blackboard. In actuality, he would copy his lesson from a green Marble Composition notebook that he held in his other hand. Copy it verbatim – word for word – right there on the blackboard. Our job, of course, was to copy the lesson from the blackboard into OUR little green Marble Composition notebooks. When he filled...