Let’s take a journey back in time…

In 2000, Embarq Creative was born. Our partners combined 18 years of trade show and design experience, client relationships, and passion for experiential marketing to become a leader in the trade show and event arena.

Then, we grew…and fast. After forming a close partnership with Nimlok Company, we leveraged both their global reach in 56 countries as well as their 45-year history of display manufacturing. From there, our ability to help clients in the US and abroad exploded, launching us from humble roots to a leading partner in the tradeshow and events industry.

Embarq Creative HQ

Where are we now?

Embarq Creative is more than 15 years deep in the trade show exhibit industry, and we’ve never looked back. As we continue to push onward and upward, with the combined capabilities of both the Embarq and Nimlok names, the only thing we plan to do is continue to serve you. We believe in the only remaining form of face-to-face marketing, and we believe that a partnership with Embarq Creative can bring value to any trade show exhibit challenge.