8 Tips & Tricks for a Successful Virtual Event

September 1, 2020

There’s no doubt the landscape in the event space has certainly changed over the last several months. Large trade shows moved virtual, Microsoft transitioned all in-person events through June 2021 to digital, and Cannes Lions annual Festival of Creativity will be postponed until 2021. As we adapt to the current global situation, we are adapting to changes in the event industry.

We hear your questions:

  • what are competitors doing?
  • how do we shift our events from live to virtual?
  • is it worth the time and investment?

There are so many options, and we’re here to help!

As we monitor brand activity, speak with event organizers, and follow the ongoing news cycle, our team is assessing what are the best ways to shift and what’s on the horizon. While the uncertainty may feel constant, it’s critical that brands ensure that they are planning ahead, finding ways to stand out, and engaging in innovative and interesting ways virtually. These tactics will ultimately create strong brand recognition.


Content should not be limited to just the virtual event, but incorporated in communications throughout the year, leading up to the event and post-event.

Consider sending a gift; include giveaways pre-event or post-event to attendees. A study on the effectiveness of promotional products in tradeshow settings demonstrates that using incentives in conjunction with pre-show mailings is successful in drawing traffic to your booth during an event.

Networking is key; find innovative ways to create networking spaces virtually.

As with live events and the activations that capture interest onsite, think of creative ways to do this virtually, for example bringing in a surprise guest speaker or announcing the winner of a raffle from names on the event registration list.


Don’t think of this of this as a quick fix for what is currently happening, but as a way to invest in your organization’s long-term future.

Going virtual is a great way to get in front of a larger audience tuning in. If done right, it can be a huge success.

The long-term effects on the event industry are still uncertain, but we may see that going forward people will continue to want the option to access content from the safety of their own home… so get ahead of this and be a leader in this space.

Whether you have internal events or own an external one, what did you learn while navigating these past few months? Learn from the experience and implement the successes next year.

Contact our team for more information on virtual events and how to make them memorable, engaging experiences.